Are you an indulgent parent?

 Do you get closely involved in your child’s activities on a daily basis?

Do you like to share your views with friends and family?

Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur? 

If the answer to any of the questions is a YES, you are ready to become a MOMFLUENCER with us. 


It is easy. REGISTER with us.

 Once you register, we will welcome you to our growing family of momfluencers.

 See below to know your rewards as a momfluencer

  Once you become a momfluencer, you will be


 Given a gift voucher of Rs. 1000/- for redemption on the against purchases made for your children

Provided a unique influencer code

Invited to preview our range from time to time. Yes, you will be able to participate in range selection and finalization process.

Provided a catalogue of all available products at any given time

 You are then ready to bring out the entrepreneurial and influencer skills in you and facilitate sale of 612 league products to your friends and family by providing them your unique influencer code. For every sale that is generated through your code, you will earn rewards as under. 

Sale milestone



Elite Club tier



of net sales

Silver mom



of net sales

Gold mom



of net sales

Platinum mom


Please note that Net sales = Sales net of GST and other taxes. Rewards will be payable on a quarterly basis.